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Video is one of the most effective and compelling public relations tools we have, and as a public relations company that specialises in video communication, we combine decades of public relations, journalism, media and video production know how to create story driven content that reaches your audience effectively.

Video content without strategy is simply noise. In order to cut through, you have to be strategic, not only about the video content you produce and how you do it, but also in how you distribute and share that content and how it fits within your overall public relations strategy.

We can create commercials, company biographies, promotional videos or work with you to identify interesting stories you can tell about your business in short documentary-style videos for social media. Check out some of the videos on this page for samples of the content used in these strategies.

We will also work with you to distribute and share your video content in the most effective ways, to ensure it reaches your target audience – whether that be through your website, at events, on social media, through traditional media outlets or through other distribution channels.

We have won awards for our productions, including multiple Australian Cinematographers Society awards and a Queensland Multi Media award for best broadcast documentary – “Smiling for Smiddy, A Journey of Friends”, which was broadcast on the Win Network – also winning the ratings for its time slot.

We can produce video content from short and simple social media updates to television commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and training material.

We are storytelling specialists, with expertise across many industries, so contact us today to find out how we can make a video communications strategy work for you!


Documentary produced to generate awareness & donations for charity

Using the power of story telling and documentaries, we assisted charity Smiling for Smiddy to raise awareness and donations for cancer research.

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Creative concept and direction used to make an impact

The University hired Reflected Image PRoductions to produce an emotive video package to promote a new scholarship program with cost-effective approach and a great creative concept.

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Using video to drive youth entrepreneurship program

Generation Innovation used videos we created to drive interest in youth entreprenuership and seek support for new businesses.

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