Amanda to focus on the joy of change at Motivational Morning Tea

Colour LogoOne of Australia’s most admired and entertaining professional speakers, Amanda Gore, will be helping others to find ‘the Joy of Change’ at Bloomhill’s May Motivational Morning Tea on Thursday, 6th May.

Known as the “people whisperer”, Amanda Gore is a Brisbane born-internationally acclaimed speaker and author, with a long list of credentials including training in stress management, psychology and occupational health.

“Amanda has received raving reviews from other charities and businesses and we are really excited to have her speak at our morning tea,” Bloomhill Cancer Help manager of patient care Anne’ Braaten-Pow said.

Bloomhill Cancer Help is a Sunshine Coast based charity that provides support and assistance to people and their loved ones who are affected by cancer. Operated by a team of dedicated professional staff and volunteers, Bloomhill offers emotional support through counselling, support groups, respite care in the home and a range of complimentary therapies and other services.

Cancer affects people in so many ways and the emotional difficulties that often the whole family experience is often overlooked. Every day at Bloomhill we witness what an enormous difference it makes in peoples lives when they have the right support around them.

Anne said the main focus of Bloomhill is to help people to live well with cancer and that the monthly Motivational Morning Teas can give people tools and techniques to achieve this. She said however anyone could come to these morning teas, which allowed the community to also experience what a beautiful place Bloomhill was.

“The morning teas and particularly Amanda’s presentation is designed to give people new ways to think about and deal with stress and change, to balance work and life, to laugh more and rediscover joy.

Amanda Gore said “it is joy, rather than happiness that most people seek. Happiness is about wanting something more, bigger or better. Where as, joy is about giving, connecting and helping others. Joy is the perfect antidote to depression”.

“The aim is to enter a joyful state of contentment, inner peace and the feeling that ‘all is right in my world,” Amanda said.

Amanda said she hopes to inspire people to live and work more effectively through improving emotional and social intelligence, relationships and connections, enthusiasm and attitudes to lead a life of less stress and more joy.

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