Australian crochet designer features in international Vogue Magazine showcase

Australia’s Crochet Queen, Jenny King has been internationally recognised as one of the world’s most talented Crochet designers, featuring in a special Vogue Knitting Crochet issue.

Jenny, one of only two Australian designers to feature in the magazine, said having her design shown in Vogue was a dream come true.

“I have been wishing, hoping and planning to get my designs into Vogue for the past two decades,” Jenny said.

“When I found out that I was going to be featured in the magazine, I was so excited! I crocheted my fingers to the bone over the Christmas break, even at the beach with the family,” Jenny said.

“The design was inspired by an amazing crochet jacked with circles and stripes I saw at the Easton Pearson Exhibition in Brisbane,” Jenny said.

Jenny, who has been crocheting since being taught two simple stitches when she was just 8, has been passing on her love of crochet since the 1990s and is the author of 13 crochet books and countless patters that cover everything from intricate beaded bags and jewellery to swimwear.

Jenny’s love affair with Vogue began over 20 years ago, when Vogue Knitting magazine was reintroduced and became available in Australia.

“Even though I don’t knit, I would adapt patterns from the magazine and made dozens of crochet garments,” Jenny said.

“Then in 1994, Vogue knitting published their first and only issue of Vogue Crochet, a magazine that I have kept, with pride, to this day on my bookshelf,” Jenny said.

Jenny has taught crochet around Australia and internationally including the US and offers a range of classes from her Sunshine Coast shop, JK Designs.

“Crochet is a rapidly growing trend and continues to increase in popularity as more and more crochet fashions appear on cat walks around the world,” Jenny said.

“I believe, that this, in part, has revived the lost art of crochet and prompted people to want to learn the craft themselves,” Jenny said.

“Having my design featured in Vogue and also Interweave Crochet, another truly amazing crochet magazine, are two of the greatest achievements in my career so far,” Jenny said.

The Vogue Knitting Crochet issue is available from 8 May. For more information on JK Designs, go to

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