Australian crochet designer Jenny King invites you to Get Squared

“Get Squared” is a revolutionary crocheting technique from Australian crochet expert Jenny King, which is set to make crocheting easier – allowing people to crochet clothes that fit with just two simple measurements.

Jenny King, who has been teaching crochet around the world for decades, said she developed the technique using the simple stitches of the granny square which most people learn crocheting with and adapted it so people could make an endless array of garments that will fit every time!

Jenny King Crochet © 2012 Barry Alsop Photographer Eyes Wide Open IMAGES

Jenny King Crochet
© 2012 Barry Alsop Photographer
Eyes Wide Open IMAGES

“This technique is full proof – there is no gauging the pattern and no sewing which most crocheters hate,” she said.

“It is simple but ingenious and allows for an infinite number of garment designs to be created and fit you perfectly, without the need for complicated calculations!

“You can even use any yarn you want – with all patterns showing meterage/yardage required.”

Not only that, Jenny has developed the Get Squared Introductory classes on video so that people can stitch along with her every step of the way, and she uses both Australia/UK and American crochet terms.

“You can log in online or have the classes delivered to you on a cute crochet hook USB stick – the classes include patterns and international crochet diagrams for five different garments, the Get Squared magic numbers chart, abbreviations and the videos – everything you need to get started,” Jenny said.

“The classes are casual and fun and I explain every step in detail – better yet you can pause and rewind me whenever you need to go over anything!

“The designs are really versatile – using the magic number measurements they will fit you perfectly, and you can make them any length you want.”

The Get Squared Introductory classes, which include patterns for a jumper, cardigan, V-neck cardigan, extended front cardigan and a shrug, have already been previewed at Stitches in California and also at Texture in the Grampians in Victoria.

“My subscribers have also had a chance to check them out and I am so delighted by the feedback. Already there are people stitching Get Squared in the US, South Africa and throughout Europe and Australia and most have completed at least a couple of garments.

“The only warning I should give is that it can be addictive – one Get Squared convert has already made 10 different items just from the introductory patterns.”

The tutorial is available via online delivery for AUS$39.90 or on a cute Crochet Hook USB stick for AUS$49.90 plus $6 postage and handling. To purchase and get started on Jenny King Designs, Get Squared Introductory Tutorial go to

With a username and password crocheters will be able to access to the video tutorials any time and be able to download the pattern cheat sheets and other materials.

Jenny, who has been crocheting since being taught two simple stitches when she was just eight, has been passing on her love of crochet since the 1990s and is the author of more than 20 crochet books and countless patterns that cover everything from intricate beaded bags and jewellery to swimwear.

Jenny teaches crochet around Australia and internationally including the US and also have a wide range of Crochet Design Books and Patterns – you can check them out at

“Crochet is a rapidly growing trend and continues to increase in popularity as more and more crochet fashions appear on cat walks around the world,” Jenny said.

“I believe, that this, in part, has revived the lost art of crochet and prompted people to want to learn the craft themselves,” Jenny said.

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