Australian low-fat cookbook Queen sets her sights on the Middle East

STG logo (purple&pink)Australia’s own Low-Fat Cookbook Queen, Annette Sym, is embarking on an adventure of a lifetime as she sets off on a trade mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The trade mission, organised by Dr Fiona Hill of Almanar Consultancy, is a landmark first of its kind expedition. Taking only a select group of women from across Australia, the purpose of the trip is to generate lasting business connections between Australia and the Middle East.

Award-winning author of internationally acclaimed low-fat cookbook series, Symply Too Good To Be True, Annette Sym said she is really looking forward to the mission and will be researching the possibility of creating an Arabic version of her cookbooks.

“My cookbooks in Australia and America feature healthy alternatives to traditionally high-fat foods that everyone loves such as burgers, lasagne and cheesecake, and I am hoping that by visiting these countries I will be able to develop low-fat versions of their favourite foods too,” Annette said.

“Almost half of Saudi Arabia are classified as obese including 66% of women and 18% of pre-school-aged children,” Annette said.

“But what motivates me the most, is to be able to help them as this region has the highest rate of type 2 diabetes in the world,” Annette said.

“I am really looking forward to meeting and working with as many local women as possible so I can do what I can to help reduce this,” she said.

During her trip, Annette will visit Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Jeddah and plans to research their cuisine, recipes, cooking style and habits in relation to food and exercise. She will also be meeting with Trade Queensland, Chamber of Commerce and the Australia and Saudi Consulate as well as representatives of Saudi Universities.

Almanar Consultancy is an Australian business that facilitates Australia-Arab relations through training, education and specialised Arab country visits. Almanar specialises in providing advice, experiences and opportunities for Australian businesswomen in the fields of international trade, investment and cultural exchange.

“I will be wearing the Abaya and head scarf while I am there to show my respect for their culture and strict Muslim beliefs,” Annette said.

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