Auzion celebrates its contributions towards a more sustainable future

Auzion_Logo 09Auzion, the solar energy experts, is celebrating its achievements and successful journey so far with the opening of their new offices in the Innovation Centre’s Accelerator on Wednesday, 22nd of September.

Launching just two years ago, entrepreneur and founder of Auzion, Mark Leckenby, said the lunch was a chance to reflect on the journey so far and to thank the businesses that have helped us become a leader is sustainable solar energy solutions.

Auzion is an environmentally friendly solar company that advocates sustainable living. Auzion’s philosophy and innovation extends from research and the development of clean, green renewable energy. Operated by a team of highly trained professionals, Auzion provides cost-effective, total energy management solutions for residential, educational, industrial and commercial sectors.

With more than 25 years experience as an electrical engineer, Mark Leckenby started Auzion in 2008. In just two years the business has grown to now employs more than 25 people and holds accreditations with the Clean Energy Council and the Association of Building and Sustainability Assessors.

“We are truly grateful for all the assistance we have received over the years, especially from the Innovation Centre and Westpac.”

“It is astounding to see just how far we have come and we have big plans to continue our work making solar power work for our customers so they can reduce their impact on the environment and save money, without impacting their lifestyle,” Mark said.

“Our success so far can be attributed to our consistent focus on improvement and research. In this industry especially, it is vital to stay up to date with the latest technology and innovations,” Mark said.

“Our work to develop the Auzimax – an energy maximiser that allows customers to monitor their solar systems via the internet and maximise their savings – has really paid off, with the pilot project reaching its final stages ready for commericalisation in early 2011.

The celebration will be held at the Innovation Centre Foyer on Wednesday, 22nd of September. Beginning at 12pm, the event will include a light lunch, refreshments and a short presentation where Auzion will renew its commitment to supporting to Compassion Australia, an international charity that helps children living in poverty.

Already Auzion has donated more than $40,000 to the charity and has committed to sponsoring an upcoming trip to Africa.

“It has always been part of my philosophy both in business and personally that we need to give back to the world in which we live.  At Auzion we are doing this through our commitment to help people reduce their impact on the environment, while also doing something to help those in the world less fortunate than us, through our commitment to Compassion Australia.

For more information about Auzion or to book a site visit, please call 1300 35 45 75 or visit

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