Auzion celebrates the launch of its latest product innovations

Auzion solar power logoAuzion, the solar energy experts, celebrated the launch of their AuziRack Mounting System and Wholesale Kits at the Innovation Centre on Wednesday, 23rd of March.

Entrepreneur and founder of Auzion, Mark Leckenby, said the launch is the perfect chance to introduce the products to businesses in the Cleantech Industry and demonstrate their position as a leader in sustainable solar energy solutions.

Auzion’s philosophy and innovation extends from research and the development of clean, green renewable energy. Operated by a team of highly trained professionals, Auzion provides cost-effective, total energy management solutions for residential, educational, industrial and commercial sectors and holds accreditations with the Clean Energy Council and the Association of Building and Sustainability Assessors.

The AuziRack Mounting System is the brainchild of Mark Leckenby, who boasts more than 25 years experience as an electrical engineer. The product was developed along side with partner, G.James Glass and Aluminium, a company with over 100 years experience and a fantastic reputation in the Australian glass and aluminium industry.

“The system is Australian made and its design has been refined and perfected over time to ensure we are only offering the best quality products to our customers,” Mark said.

“It comes with a 10-year warranty, is rated for all Australian cyclone zones and has been approved by engineers,” Mark said.

Auzion also launched their new wholesale department at the event, becoming one of very few companies supporting both the local market and customers nationwide. Solar companies will now be able to access and purchase Auzion’s wholesale kits and custom-designed solar products which will all be available via their new wholesale website.

“The website is really easy to navigate. Simply register, peruse and buy,” Mark said.

“We have big plans to continue making solar power work for our customers so they can reduce their impact on the environment and save money, without altering their lifestyle,” Mark said.

“Our success so far can be attributed to our consistent focus on improvement and research. In this industry especially, it is vital to stay up to date with the latest technology and innovations,” Mark said.

“We also have the launch of another product on the horizon, our Auzimax Energy Maximiser which is set to launch in mid 2011 and hit the commercial market by the end of the year,” Mark said.

The AuziMax is a revolutionary management system that enables customers to monitor energy in the home or business via Internet portal and maximise their savings by potentially reducing their energy consumption by as much as 20%. The device allows the used to track their energy consumption, view a detailed breakdown of where and when energy is being used and set energy budgets and targets.

For more information about Auzion or to book a site visit, please call 1300 35 45 75 or visit

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