Auzion putting people in control of their energy usage

Auzion_Logo 09Auzion, a Sunshine Coast-based sustainable energy company, has developed a revolutionary new product that puts people in complete control of the energy they use.
Launching the AUZiMAX today, Auzion managing director Mark Leckenby said the AUZiMAX could reduce a household’s energy consumption by as much as 20%.
Mr Leckenby said Auzion, which also provides solar energy systems, was passionate about helping people to be more sustainable.

“We want to create a simple way for people in a fast-paced world to make a difference without the inconvenience that is often associated with being ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’,” he said.
Mr Leckenby said the AUZiMAX is a monitoring device that allows customers to see not just how much energy they are using as a household, but also where in the house and at what times they consume the most power.

He said added to a solar photovoltaic grid connect system, or even installed by itself, the AUZiMAX went further than other products available.

“It doesn’t just give you a total energy consumption rate, it gives you the details, allows you to set an energy budget and can send you alerts to help keep you on track.”

“The AUZiMAX allows the home owner to log into a web portal to monitor their energy usage, set automatic email alerts on excessive consumption, and enable smart switching of loads to maximise the amount of solar energy fed back into the grid. On the web portal, homeowners can also at a glance monitor the levels of renewable and conventional power they are using.

“The software also provides a breakdown of where they are using the energy and when it is being used and allows the homeowner to set an energy budget, which will trigger automatic email and SMS alerts to tell them when they are getting close to the limits they set,” Mark said.

He said Auzion preliminary research had shown the AUZiMAX saved customers an additional 20% energy saving, on top of the savings from the solar power installation.

Auzion are also assisting people wanting to install solar systems, by stepping in to support homeowners who missed out on the Federal Government’s solar rebate, by offering their own grant that means customers won’t pay more.
Mr Leckenby said while the industry and homeowners were surprised by announcement on June 9, that the Government was transferring to the new Solar Credit Scheme immediately instead of on June 30 as expected, Auzion was committed to ensuring those who wanted to adopt solar power could.

“We want to support the Government in the transition to the new scheme, which is due to be considered by Parliament as part of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) legislation in August so we are offering our own rebate on any systems we sign up from June 10, subject to the passage of the RET legislation,” Mr Leckenby said.

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