Auzion to provide USC solar and wind powered golf buggy

A University of the Sunshine Coast golf buggy will soon be powered by wind and sun thanks to a new joint initiative with Auzion Solar Power.

Auzion, a leading Queensland renewable energy company based at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Innovation Centre, have partnered with the University’s Faculty of Science, Health and Education in an exciting new project.

In the next couple of months, Auzion will be installing an off-grid solar panel system on the USC Engineering building to be used as a teaching resource for students. The solar power system will also help power the department’s golf buggy.

Auzion CEO, Mark Leckenby said Auzion had always maintained a strong link with the University as a way to show our commitment to education, sustainability and regional development.

“We have done research projects with the university in the past and are excited about this new project which will benefit future students and also present our team with a new and exciting challenge, as it will be Auzion’s first installation of a stand alone system not connected to the grid,” Mark said.

“As a gift to the project, we have facilitated the donation of four solar panels from Sanyo, rated in the top two most efficient panels in the world and Auzion will be donating a 1kW wind turbine to be installed on the University’s water tower,” Mark said.

“The wine turbine and solar panels will work together to charge batteries that will then be used to power the golf buggy,” Mark said.

The idea for the project came about when Mark toured the University’s new Engineering and Science Training Facility in July and was introduced to the facilities practical research and training capabilities.

“It was great to see such ‘cutting-edge’ and innovative work being performed at the University,” Mark said.

“The project will create new opportunities for future research and development at the new facility, giving USC students ‘an edge’ when entering the competitive work force,” Mark said.

USC’s Faculty of Science, Health and Education’s Technical Services manager Dr Denis Podger said it was exciting to be using a combination of wind and solar energy to charge the faculty’s golf buggy, as well as laptop computers used by Civil Engineering students.

“This will provide a very good resource for teaching students about renewable energy technology,” he said.

“It is very hands-on and the students can access every aspect of it, from data taking and battery maintenance, to understanding the difference in loads from different power sources and how these loads need to be balanced.”

The project will build on Auzion’s already valuable working partnership with the University and follows a number of successful projects together.

“We are really looking forward to test-driving the Sunshine Coast’s first golf kart to be powered by the sun and wind and to continue to work closely with the University of the Sunshine Coast,” Mark said.

For more information about Auzion and its energy solution products, visit or call 1300 AUZION.

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