Bright future for cleantech business with international ambitions

Sunshine Coast based business LED Light Works – an innovative, energy efficient lighting business – is the latest company to join the growing hub of over 30 knowledge-based technology businesses the Innovation Centre supports.

LED Light Works, specialists in the production and sale of LED lights to the corporate, commercial, mining and industrial, and government markets, offer lighting solutions that use up to 90% less electricity and last up to 17 times longer than traditional lighting and in addition are fully recyclable.

LED Light Works Director and CEO Kevin Day said cutting-edge LED lighting represents the latest revolution in lighting technology since fluorescents were introduced nearly 70 years ago.

“A surprise meeting with a former colleague on a business flight sparked the idea to fill a niche in the market and offer a green, efficient alternative to traditional lighting” Mr Day said.

“The challenge is now to continue the development of LED technology and educate the engineers, architects and end users on the benefits, applications and implementation of this emerging technology.”

Mr Day said the company’s distribution model enables the corporate headquarters, R&D and design to be carried out in Australia with international distributors, manufacturing and quality control in South East Asia.

“This model allows us to maintain strategic control while accessing markets in countries such as Canada, the US, Chile and the United Arab Emirates” Mr Day said.

Queensland’s diverse cleantech industry generates more than $3.1B annually in revenue, employs over 12,500 people and exports over $125M worth of cleantech products and services annually.

The emerging cleantech sector, which includes energy efficiency, renewable energy, water & waste management and environmental services, is one of the Innovation Centre’s key focus sectors along with ICT, health technology and creative industries.

Innovation Centre CEO Colin Graham said “the Innovation Centre supports the creation of new jobs in new industries aimed at diversifying the local economy. Since 2002, we have assisted the start-up and growth of over 78 businesses, creating over 350 new jobs for the region.”

“The Innovation Centre offers an attractive location for innovative cleantech firms and is designed to provide business development support, connect like-minded entrepreneurs and promote valuable connections with the University of the Sunshine Coast” Mr Graham said.

Mr Graham said LED Light Works joins an impressive list of dynamic, entrepreneurial cleantech firms based at the Innovation Centre; including Auzion, sustainable energy management; Aquiba, water efficiency and Future-Plus Environmental, environmental management consultants.

“Locating to the Innovation Centre allows us to connect with the University with the potential to develop research partnerships, and with the opening of the new Engineering Training Facility this offers exciting opportunities for practical research capabilities and testing” Mr Day said.

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