Brisbane enterprise software developers achieve recognition as rising star

Zac-Ware logoJust nine months after it was launched Jentla, a suite of Joomla Enterprise Layer software, has been adopted by the sixth largest education institution in the US and its creator has been recognised by the Financial Review MIS Magazine as a rising star.
Jentla, developed by Brisbane internet-based software design company, Zac-Ware, is a new enterprise grade content management extension for Joomla web developers.
Zac-Ware CEO Damian Hickey said Jentla, which had already been adopted by Prime Television and Queensland Health, had been very successful and they were thrilled to be recognised by MIS.
“We are now extending into the US market with its adoption by Florida State College at Jacksonville. At 90,000 students, they have some serious web requirements. The recognition by MIS is additional vindication of the approach we have taken over the last several years – to build a solution around open source software,” he said.
Mr Hickey said Jentla provided a suite of extensions for web developers that would enable them to dramatically increase the number of websites they could manage.
“We are extending the Joomla CMS solution that is largely built in Australia and is being used by over 10 million websites so it can be applied to even the most diverse enterprises.”
Jentla can support up to 1000 sites, whether micro or fully fledged and large scale, and allows content to be implemented network wide while also allowing content to be customised to suit the different target markets at which the sites are directed.
Zac-Ware, which operates from The University of Queensland owned i.lab incubator at Toowong, said as a small business they recognised the need for a system that had made Joomla more accessible for enterprises while also simplifying and reducing the time investment needed to run a large number of sites for web developers.
“Jentla is based on an open-source solution, which allows us to draw on the enthusiasm and creativity of thousands of developers,” he said.
“We then combine that energy and productivity with a clear enterprise architectural focus.”
Mr Hickey said Zac-Ware was a three-year-old start-up company that moved to the i.lab incubator almost a year ago.
“We had the know how in our industry but basing ourselves at this unique technology business incubator has allowed us to take advantage of the business mentoring facilities and helps us develop and grow markets for our products,” he said.
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