Brisbane software to revolutionise web enterprise management – ZacWare


Brisbane internet-based software design company, Zac-Ware will today launch a new enterprise grade content management system for Joomla web developers at Joomla Day in Melbourne  (
Zac-Ware CEO Damien Hickey said the launch of Jentla, the Joomla Enterprise Layer, provides a suite of extensions for web developers that would enable them hugely increase the number of websites they could manage.
Mr Hickey said Prime TV’s online sites, has been the first customer to take the system to market, starting with 35 sites and soon to expand further. It is suitable not only for web developers but also for enterprises running a large number of websites.
“Jentla can support up to 1000 sites and allows content to be customised to suit the different target markets at which the sites are directed,” Mr Hickey said.
Zac-Ware, which operates from Queensland Government owned i.lab incubator at Toowong, said as a small business they recognised the need for a system that had made Joomla more accessible for enterprises while also simplifying and reducing the time investment needed to run a large number of sites for web developers.
“For iPrime, the system allows them to easily customise news content for specific markets so they can deliver local, state and national news which can be customised at a local level.”
iPrime CEO Tony Surtees said when developing their hyperlocal web platform they wanted an open source system that different community organisations to be able to easily and effectively integrate with.
“Zac-Ware had a great reputation and clearly developed expertise in the area and were able to give us the guidance and practical support needed to bring the project together,” Mr Surtess said.
Mr Hickey said Zac-Ware was a 3-year-old start-up company that moved to the i.lab incubator six months ago.
“We had the know how in our industry but basing ourselves from this unique technology business incubator has allowed us to take advantage of the business mentoring facilities to help us develop and grow markets for our products,” he said.
He said Jentla, which took six-months to develop, was based on a manager and node model system that could manage up to 1000 related or separate Joomla sites.
“Combined with our Cloud-based Hosting solution for Joomla, Jentla enables enterprises with multiple website and those pursuing a hyperlocal strategy to radically improve the efficiency of their site build and update processes while reducing their support costs for both systems admin and content management.”
For more information about Jentla, and Zac-Ware’s other products – advanced Open Source ecommerce platform Freeway and online video-sharing platform SmackBiz please visit

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