Buderim Foundation helps local families with back-to-school costs

For the eighth consecutive year, the Buderim Foundation will be providing assistance with back-to-school expenses in an effort to help ease the financial pressure on local families.

The Foundation will be distributing 150 cash vouchers, valued at $50 each, to schools and charities that will then be passed on to families in need of support with the start of the school year. The vouchers can be spent at Target stores.

The vouchers, valued at $7,500, are provided to the Buderim Foundation by the Australia-wide Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) and the Sidney Myer Fund, which operates the 2012 Back to School Program.

Buderim Foundation Director, Margaret Welshe said everyone on the Buderim Foundation Board is pleased that the strong relationship with FRRR has resulted in another year of Back to School vouchers for Buderim families.

“We really enjoy working with Buderim organisations to get the vouchers out there to ensure that the families and children in the greatest need obtain the most benefit from the program, whilst maintaining privacy for all involved,” Margaret Welshe said.

The vouchers will be dispersed by several local schools including Buderim Mountain State School, Mountain Creek Primary School and Chancellor State College, as well as half a dozen community organisations including St Vincent de Paul, SunnyKids, Community Solutions’ Grandparents and Parents program.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback we have received in previous years. Families are surprised and delighted by the vouchers…it’s definitely a win/win/win situation,” she said.

The 2012 Back to School Program is an initiative of the FRRR and the Sidney Myer Fund an supported by the Sidney Myer Fund, VISY, The Aussie Farmers Foundation, The Julian Flett Foundation, The Edward Wilson Trust, The Wyatt Benevolent Institution and Target.

For more information about the Buderim Foundation, visit the Foundation’s website www.buderimfoundation.com.au, contact a Board member on info@buderimfoundation.org.au or write to the Buderim Foundation, PO Box 1408, Buderim, QLD 4556.

Photo: Buderim Deputy Principal Donna Burow with Buderim Foundation Chair, Paul Clark.

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