Buderim Foundation lends record level of support to local families for school expenses

The Buderim Foundation is providing $32,000 worth of $50 vouchers to support local families who need assistance with school expenses like clothing, shoes and stationery.

As part of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) Back to School Program 2021, this year’s record amount will help up to 640 students attending Buderim Mountain State School, Chancellor State Primary and State College, Kuluin State School, Mountain Creek State Primary and High School or receiving assistance from Sunny Kids.

Buderim Foundation Director Rebecca Ramsay said this year the funds included an allocation from the FRRR of $20,000 to the Buderim Foundation. Further donations of $1,500 from Buderim Lions Club, $1,000 each from Buderim Rotary Club and the BWMCA and $2,500 from the Buderim Foundation were then matched dollar-for-dollar by the FRRR, totalling $12,000.

“This is the 17th year Buderim Foundation together with our local supporters have been involved in the FRRR Back to School Program and we are very grateful for the generous financial support of everyone involved,” Rebecca said.

Mountain Creek State School Chaplain Anthony Pulford said every year, when handing out the vouchers to struggling families, many of them become so overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of the FRRR Program and are reduced to tears.

“Thank you so much to all those who have contributed to the program. Additional funding has resulted in extending to Mountain Creek High School and they too are so excited to be able to use these vouchers to help families at their school,” Mr Pulford said.

Rotary Club of Buderim President Ros Cheales said that Rotary supports youth development, and this initiative creates an opportunity for young people to access the learning resources that they need to succeed in their schooling.

“The Club also sees the benefit in combining funds through partnering with other community groups to make a difference in people’s lives,” Mr Cheales said.

Buderim Lions President Brian McBride said Buderim Lions has been supporting our local schools for many years through their Walk to School Program and the Chancellor College Leo Club.

“Our Club is well aware of the difficulties many families are facing at present and we welcome the opportunity to co-operate with other like-minded organisations in providing vouchers to help ease the burden and to show that we are part of a community that cares,” Mr McBride said.

Chancellor State College Principal Victoria Ansety said there are so many families in our community who are adversely affected by the events of 2020 and sadly there seems little respite.

“Our wonderful Student Services Team work tirelessly to support our families struggling to deal with the financial and emotional impact as a result of COVID-19 and in fact, beyond that. The FRRR Back to School Program supports our ongoing work to prepare students to embrace the beginning of the new school year – ready and equipped to learn,” Ms Ansety said.

With contributions from the Buderim Foundation, the Buderim Lions and Rotary Clubs and the BWMCA along with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, the Back to School Program is a great example of how Buderim-based community organisations can work together to achieve results. In the past 17 years $197,950 worth of vouchers have been distributed.

The Buderim Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that aims to enrich and enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives in the Buderim area.

The Foundation works by carefully investing all donations from individuals, families and businesses, and any income from these investments is then redistributed back to the community via an annual grant program open to not-for-profit community organisations that provide a service and support to residents in the 4556 postcode area.

“Our donors love that their donations and bequests made to the Foundation directly impact the community we live in,” Ms Ramsay said.

For more information on the Buderim Foundation, please visit the new website – www.buderimfoundation.org.au.

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