Buderim Foundation lends support to local families for school expenses

Buderim Foundation, Rotary and Lions present school vouchers – Shane-Brigg (Chancellor College school chaplain) Brian McBride (Buderim Lions) Roz Bull (Buderim Foundation)-Lloyd Edwards (Buderim Rotary) Jayme Field (Chancellor State College)

The Buderim Foundation is proud to once again be a part of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) Back to School Program.  For the 14th year running, the Buderim Foundation is helping local families with school expenses like clothing, shoes and stationery by offering $50 Target vouchers to families who need assistance.

Buderim Foundation Director, Lisa Edward said this year, a total of 229 vouchers will be distributed. A total of $8,950 in vouchers were provided by the FRRR, $1,500 from Buderim Lions and $1,000 from Buderim Rotary.

“We provide the vouchers to local schools, as well as SunnyKids who distribute these ensuring the families and children in the greatest need obtain the most benefit from the program, whilst maintaining their privacy.

Ms Edward said the generous financial support of the local Lions and Rotary Clubs had a big impact on the total number of Target vouchers FRRR allocated to us. You see, FRRR matches dollar for dollar any funds raised so the $2500 from these clubs was matched equating to an additional 100 vouchers.

“In 14 years, thanks to the generous support of FRRR, Buderim Lions and Rotary Clubs, Buderim Foundation has been able to distribute $143,950 worth of vouchers,” she said.

This year, 68 vouchers each will be distributed to Chancellor State College, Buderim Mountain State School and Mountain Creek State School, with 25 vouchers going to SunnyKids to be distributed through their Najidah Domestic Violence Refuge supporting children at Kuluin Primary School.

Chancellor State College Student Services Head of Department Jayme Field said the vouchers were a great additional support for families who needed assistance.

“It can seem a small thing but it can make a powerful and immediate difference for the student and their family,” Mr Field said.

Chancellor School Chaplain Shane Brigg said the difference was more than just practical.

“It’s great that the vouchers can help with buying the things students need for school but it is so much more than that.

“These are gifts that show we care, and it’s from everyone which can make the families who receive them feel loved and valued which is so important.

“It can make them feel part of not just the school community but the local community as well, particularly when through circumstances beyond their control they can feel isolated.”

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Buderim Foundation, Rotary and Lions present school vouchers – Shane-Brigg (Chancellor College school chaplain) Brian McBride (Buderim Lions) Roz Bull (Buderim Foundation)-Lloyd Edwards (Buderim Rotary) Jayme Field (Chancellor State College)


Buderim Foundation school vouchers presentation – Jayme Field & Shane Brigg (Chancellor State College), Brian McBride (Buderim Lions), Roz Bull (Buderim Foundation) & Lloyd Edwards (Buderim Rotary).




Ms Edward said the Foundation has always received great feedback from the Schools in previous years and was very proud, along with the Buderim Lions and Rotary Clubs to be able to provide the small token of support to our local families.

Brian McBride from Buderim Lions said there were families doing it tough in the community and it was great to work with the Buderim Foundation, Rotary, the schools and the FRRR to provide some assistance.

“Lions has always worked closely with schools offering help in several ways and directing some of the funds they raised to programs like this, where they are matched, we can increase the amount of help we can provide.”

Lloyd Edwards from Buderim Rotary said the voucher program was a great example of how Buderim community organisations often worked together to achieve results.

The Buderim Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that aims to enrich and enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives in the Buderim area.

Lisa explains how the Foundation works by saying “We function much like a permanent, community savings account.  Individuals and families, kindly deposit money into our savings account – as the money grows, so does the interest earned.  Each year the interest earned is given back to our community as a financial grant. These grants are given to not-for-profit organisations that provide a service that truly benefits us as a community. A donation is an investment back into your community!

For more information on the Buderim Foundation, please visit the new website – www.buderimfoundation.org.au.

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