Buderim Foundation provides support to local families for school expenses

The Buderim Foundation is supporting local families with school expenses through the provision of $30,000 worth of $50 vouchers, to be distributed through schools and community organisations.

BWMCA’s Teale Ring (left) with Buderim Foundation’s Charlie Morris and Buderim Lions’ Brian McBride (right) present a cheque for vouchers to Mountain Creek chaplains Stuart Cran (MCSHS) & Anthony Pulford (MCSS) – photo by Cheryl Nomnus.

The 600 vouchers will be distributed through Buderim Mountain State School, Chancellor State College, Mountain Creek State Primary School, Mountain Creek State High School, Kuluin State School and SunnyKids, as part of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) Back to School Program.

Buderim Foundation Director Rebecca Ramsay said this year is the 18th year Buderim Foundation together with the FRRR had provided the much-needed assistance for school expenses such as clothing, shoes, and stationery.

Mrs Ramsay said this year the funds included an allocation from the FRRR of $20,000, as well as a further $5000 from the FRRR Matched Funding program which was matched to funds contributed by the BWMCA ($1000), Buderim Lions ($1500), and the Buderim Foundation’s Thompson Fund ($2500).

“This means we have 600 vouchers to distribute which is fantastic for local families, so we are very grateful for the generous financial support of everyone involved,” Mrs Ramsay said.

Mountain Creek Primary School Chaplin Anthony Pullford said it was very special as a community to be able to support families who find themselves in difficult circumstances, such as foster children, those experiencing domestic violence, and those who have become homeless.

“They are so grateful and often tell me that receiving the vouchers makes them feel loved and cared for,” Chappy Anthony said.

Mountain Creek High School Chaplin Stuart Cran expressed his gratitude for the vouchers which he could distribute to those families facing huge challenges.

Chappy Stuart said that in a large school with 2000 students he encounters families living in cars and families whose breadwinner has lost a job or been diagnosed with a debilitating illness.  He said that there was also a number of independent students, who could no longer live at home and were struggling financially.

“Being able to provide some relief for these families in the form of vouchers helps lower stress levels which in turn helps kids engage better at school,” he said.

Buderim Lions Club President Brian McBride said the Back to School Program was part of their many years of support for the local schools, which includes their Club’s Walk to School and Chancellor College Leo Club programs.

“Our club is part of a caring community. With many families facing difficulties due to COVID, and with rising costs of housing and other essentials, we welcome the opportunity to join with other likeminded organisations in providing vouchers to assist families and help ease the burden.”

Buderim War Memorial Community Association President Errol Richardson said the BWMCA was pleased to continue its support of this very worthwhile program, helping children during these very challenging times.

“A sound education is the very foundation in helping children achieve their full potential later in life and we are grateful for the opportunity to be involved. If this program results in only one child leading a successful and productive life it will have been all worthwhile.”

With the contributions from all the local organisations as well as the FRRR, the Back-to-School Program is a great example of how Buderim-based community organisations can work together to achieve results. In the past 18years $227,950 worth of vouchers have been distributed.

The Buderim Foundation is a philanthropic organisation that aims to enrich and enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives in the Buderim area.

The Foundation works by carefully investing all donations from individuals, families and businesses, and any income from these investments is then redistributed back to the community via an annual grant program open to not-for-profit community organisations that provide a service and support to residents in the 4556 postcode area.

“Our donors love that their donations and bequests made to the Foundation directly impact the community we live in,” Ms Ramsay said.

For more information on the Buderim Foundation, please visit the new website – www.buderimfoundation.org.au.

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