Buderim school students lead community road safety initiative

With over 1000 students travelling to and from Buderim Mountain State School each school day road safety is important so the BMSS P&C has commissioned the production of a series of road safety videos, where the students became the teachers.

BMSS Principal Neil Jenkins said the school has been at its present location since 1887 and particularly in recent years, the community had grown significantly.

Mr Jenkins said with the assistance of a grant from the Queensland Government’s Community Road Safety Grants Scheme, the P&C wanted to provide information to parents as well as the wider Buderim community about how to ensure the safety of students.

BMSS P & C Vice-President Terry Colless said every school day there were approximately 650 cars approaching the school to drop off and pick up students.

“We wanted to provide information to parents about how to use our drop zones more safely and efficiently as well as educate parents, children and the community about road courtesy and safety behaviours everyone could adopt to make the community safer for everyone,” Mr Colless said.

“There are six videos in all – an introduction to the initiative as well as videos dedicated to the school’s drop zones; parking further from the school and walking; the Lions Walk to School program; Road Etiquette, Courtesy & Safety for Kids while Walking as well as alternative transport.

“As part of the initiative, we will also have a flyer with further information as well as posters which will serve as reminders and also be posted on Facebook.”

Mr Colless said the concept for the videos was to make the students the teachers, with some talented year 5 and 6 students presenting the ‘classes’ and encouraging all the students to remind their parents and other adults in the community to do the right thing.

“The students were great – they made great teachers and tv presenters for the project.

“Lots of students and parents also volunteered to be involved, and vision of them demonstrating along with animations were used to provide additional information via the classroom whiteboards.”

The student ’stars’ of the video (left to right) Emma, Xavier, Maya, Fynn (front) Taiyo and Emma with Principal Neil Jenkins, P&C president Rachel O’Brien and P&C Vice-President Terry Colless.

The videos were produced by Buderim PR & video production company, Reflected Image Productions.

Mr Colless said he hoped the videos would prompt more efficient and safer use of the School’s drop zones, while giving everyone more ideas about different ways to get to school safely.

To view the videos check out the Buderim Mountain State School website – buderimmountainss.eq.edu.au/ and the School’s P & C Facebook page @buderimmountainpandc.

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