Buderim writer’s final book to be launched posthumously

‘The Poisoned Chalice’ the final book written by Buderim author Barry Corcoran before he lost his battle with cancer in 2010, will be launched by his wife Sheila on Sunday, 25 March.

Barry completed the first draft of the financial thriller just before he passed away. Sheila, together with friends and members of the Sunshine Coast Literary Association, took on the project to complete the book and have it published in Barry’s honour.

Barry, a past SCLA Treasurer and author of ‘The Third Arm’ (2008), had completed the first draft proof read by friend Helen Smith, and was about to start the final process when he became too sick to work on his second manuscript. It was one of his dying wishes that ‘The Poisoned Chalice’ be completed and published.

Thanks the Sheila, Barry’s best friend from Melbourne Kevin Smith and some SCLA members, led by past-president Hari Kotrotsios, the team stepped in to help make Barry’s dream a reality. Kevin came to Buderim and met with Barry in May 2010 and took the manuscript back to Melbourne to check all the locations for accuracy. SCLA members then edited ‘The Poisoned Chalice’ and prepared it for publishing with Zeus publications, who published Barry’s first book.

SCLA president Bryan Ward said he was proud of the work of Barry’s friends in the SCLA to fulfil his wish to complete the book.

“The members have not only honoured Barry, but also shown their dedication to literature,” Bryan said.

“I am grateful that we can now help celebrate the launch of ‘The Poisoned Chalice’ with Sheila and the rest of Barry’s family.”

Sheila said she was extremely thankful that their friends and SCLA members had wholeheartedly supported the completion of the book.

“They ensured the manuscript was completed in a respectful way to honour Barry’s skill as a writer,” Sheila said.

Barry began writing short stories after retiring from a career in finance. ‘The Poisoned Chalice’ is a financial fraud thriller, in the same genre as his previous novel, ‘The Third Arm’.

While the contents of his books are fictional, Barry used to say he was inspired by anecdotal tales he heard through his work. It is a fitting tribute to him.

‘The Poisoned Chalice’ tells the story of forensic accountant Daniel Mulhall who has serious misgivings about the financial operations of the Melbourne-based Children’s Rights Foundation. When he discovers a $350,000 discrepancy, he suspects something illegal is happening, but has to tread carefully. The Foundation’s chairman is an influential member of the church and the accounts are managed by his incompetent sister.

Daniel’s investigations are met with verbal threats, his car is vandalised and the centre’s manager is found dead. Daniel is arrested for carrying drugs in his car and a petty drug dealer is fished out of the bay.

The final threat comes when his wife and son are kidnapped. When Daniel is attacked by thugs and bundled into a car, he misses the second phone call from his family’s abductors.

Desperate to have his family back, Daniel agrees to work with the police. He’ll do anything to get them back, but at what cost?

The launch is open to all of Barry’s friends and family. Copies of the book will also be available for sale at the launch – $25 (cash only).

Otherwise, is you would like to find out more about the book or order your copy please go the Zeus Publications website – http://www.zeus-publications.com/ – and search for Barry Corcoran, or call Sheila on 07 5456 1327.

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