BWMCA & Buderim Foundation come together to celebrate Buderim Community Spirit

Two central community organisations, the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA) and the Buderim Foundation have come together to celebrate Buderim’s unique community spirit.

Motivated by the Buderim Foundation moving its office into the home of the BWMCA, the Old Post Office Information Centre at the centre of town, the organisations decided it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the Buderim Community Spirit and help locals to get involved in their local community.

BWMCA President Errol Richardson said with the recent influx of people to the local area, it is a great time for both organisations to highlight the many ways people can get involved in the community.

“In Buderim we have a unique and special community, largely because of the way so many people choose to get involved in the many opportunities and events on offer.

Buderim Foundation Chair Rod McKinnon said the coming together of the two organisations under one roof is a powerful way to raise their profile right in the heart of Buderim.

“As part of this important campaign, we have had two videos produced to showcase Buderim’s unique community spirit and to point to ways people can become involved,” Mr McKinnon said.

The videos produced by locally based firm, Reflected Image PRoductions, are being launched at a special launch event in the Buderim War Memorial Hall.

Mr Richardson said that both organisations are being encouraged to share the videos with their networks so the message about opportunities to become involved can be spread far and wide.

The Community Spirit campaign will continue over coming months and includes a welcome sign at Buderim Mountain State School as well as new historical signage in the OPO.

The two organisations have had a long association and while both service the community, they do so in different ways. The BWMCA was formed in 1945 as a living memorial to those who served and died to defend our values and way of life. Today BWMCA provides an opportunity for every individual to contribute towards growing an ever-more vibrant Buderim Community.

The Buderim Foundation is a philanthropic organisation, formed in 2004 under the auspices of the BWMCA. The Foundation aims to enrich and enhance the quality of life for people who live in the Buderim area. The concept is simple. The Buderim Foundation receives donations and bequests – ‘money in’. It then carefully invests the funds to generate income – ‘money managed’, and then distributes the income as grants to Buderim-based community organisations – ‘money out’. The Buderim Foundation also manages the Thompson Fund, which aims to support people in need throughout the Sunshine Coast.

For more information visit the Old Post Office in Buderim, or the organisations’ websites: the BWMCA –; the Buderim Foundation –, or find them on Facebook.

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