Content remains king

Newspaper-stackIn the past decade, the online world has begun to progressively mimic a battlefield, with millions of companies all vying for the top spots in search results.

Prior to 2012, the websites that ranked highest in the search results were often those that were irrelevant to your search criteria and obtained their top spot through ‘cheeky’ webspam tactics such as keyword stuffing and hidden back links.

However, thanks to a series of clever changes to search engine algorithms by Google, quality content-rich websites will see higher rankings in search results and low-value sites that copy content and are just generally not useful, will lower in ranking.

This is great news for organisations, granting them better control and an opportunity to improve search engine performance by simply updating their site with regular, quality and engaging content including text, photos and video.

The changes were brought about by Google’s desire to foster a healthier web ecosystem and to ensure that wonderful websites that provide useful, original and informative content were being rewarded for their efforts and successfully featured in search results.

To further encourage websites to deliver the best possible user experience, rather than taking cost-cutting shortcuts, these clever new algorithms not only prioritise sites based on the provision of quality, well-researched content but also on the layout of the webpage and adherence to Google’s quality guidelines.

On the other side of the spectrum, the new algorithm was also designed to ‘weed’ out knock-off sites and ‘content farms’, websites with the sole purpose of obtaining clicks and advertising dollars.

Essentially, this means SEO is dead as we know it, with online and website marketing becoming a human problem rather than mathematical.

So, if you have been experiencing problems driving traffic to your website and converting visitors into customers, then it may be because your website is no longer ‘Google friendly’.

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