Easter doesn’t have to mean death by chocolate – Annette Sym

STG logo (purple&pink)Easter is a time of celebration with family and friends but unfortunately it often results in chocolate overload, but death by chocolate doesn’t have to be a risk according to low-fat cookbook queen Annette Sym.

“At Easter time, you can’t go to the shops without being confronted by chocolate. It seems to be around every corner but you don’t have to try to avoid it completely, just be discerning about what and how much you eat,” the best selling author of the Symply Too Good To Be True Cookbook series said.

Annette said that if you are feeling like you’re missing out when everybody else might be going overboard then it’s ok to allow yourself a treat, otherwise you might be tempted to eat double the amount when you have the chance.

“A couple of pieces of dark chocolate is a healthier choice than milk or white chocolate. Studies into the benefits of dark chocolate are showing that there are antioxidants, heart benefits, and the potential to lower cholesterol and blood pressure through dark chocolate. But, any chocolate is still a sometimes food.”

“Another alternative Easter treat is a piece of a home baked sweet from my low-fat cookbooks. Baking food yourself allows for you to monitor the ingredients in order to keep to your overall daily intake,” she said.
Annette said that if you do over-indulge, it was important not to get disheartened.

“Just renew your commitment to becoming a slimmer, healthier you and get back on track.

“Another way to make sure that you are in control of your intake and to avoid temptation is to communicate with your friends and family, and asking them not to give you chocolate this Easter.”

Not only has Annette sold more than 2.5 million copies of her cookbooks, but she has personal experience, after having lost 35kg more than 17 years ago. Since that time, Annette has been able to maintain a healthy weight range and she has helped thousands of Australians to do the same.

“I understand how important willpower is when trying to lose weight and maintain the lifestyle. It is particularly difficult at Christmas and Easter but it is not impossible and the vital thing is to stay aware of what you are eating, so that you are in full control,” she said.

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