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Australia’s best selling low fat cookbook author, Annette Sym knows how hard it can be to find balance in life and encourages all women to embrace their many roles for International Women’s Day, on March 8.
As a mother, grandmother, leading Australian entrepreneur and author, Annette celebrates this year’s theme “Sharing and Caring for the Future” by focusing on women’s many roles and their ability to show care  across all areas with her TOP 7 TIPS FOR BUSY WOMEN.
“Women wear many different hats and it can be hard to balance life, work and family commitments, with some tasks getting little recognition but this special day is to encourage and thank them for their contributions,” Annette said.
Annette is one of Australia’s most successful businesswomen and her Symply Too Good To Be True cookbook range reaches kitchens across Australia, and now the US as well.
“As a working mother, I understand the trials and tribulations of every day life and that is one of the main reasons behind the Symply Too Good To Be True Cookbooks – to make life that little bit easier,” Annette said.
Annette is this year celebrating International Women’s Day in the US where Symply Too Good To Be True, the American Version, is being launched on March 1.
“Years ago I never would have imagined that I would be running a home-based, multi-million dollar business that we are now expanding internationally but I have done it because I believe in myself, and I think all women have the ambition and drive needed to succeed if they want to,” Annette said.
“I also have fabulous support from my family, particularly my husband Bill, who is the company’s Operations Manager.”
Whether it is the thought of going back to work, wondering how to juggle all the kids’ activities or simply what to make for dinner, Annette said that stopping for a moment and focusing on the important things was important to maintaining a happy life.
“Women often forget to look after themselves when juggling their busy lives but it is vitally important to eat right and exercise regularly to maintain the stamina and motivation needed to keep up with life.”
“International Women’s Day is an opportunity for women across the globe to take a moment out of their busy lives and appreciate their abilities as women, their strengths and to embrace their caring roles. It’s a day to just enjoy being a woman,” Annette said.
1.    The first thing you need to learn is how to delegate. Accept right now that you can’t do everything yourself so find people in your life that can help and support you.
2.    A word that doesn’t always come easy is the word ‘NO’. You must look after yourself first before you can look after others. If you are a dad or a mum then putting your children as a top priority is fine but don’t martyr yourself.
3.    If you are feeling run down or tired then you should visit a naturopath or your local doctor as you may be running on empty. Women can be low in iron and magnesium so looking after your health is so important.
4.    Caffeine is not good for anyone who is stressed or busy and avoid alcohol as it can cause mood swings.
5.    Make sure you have some down time every day. Even 30 minutes sitting quietly reading a book or magazine is important. Sit in a sunny spot and take a break. Don’t eat lunch at your desk and try and get some fresh air during the day.
6.    Have a day every now and then just for you. Don’t put on makeup, stay in your pyjamas for as long as you want and just do nothing or if possible why not plan a day of pampering.
7.     My final tip would be if you don’t have much time for cooking then make a day every few weeks and cook as many dishes as you can. Put them in single serves or in batches for each night’s meals and freeze them. When you don’t have time all you have to do then is pull something out of the freezer. You will find that most of my recipes are so easy to make that you really don’t have any excuses anymore.

All Annette’s books and her new Weight Loss Journal are available from www.symplytoogood.com.au. On the new Symply Too Good website you can also get more great low-fat cooking tips and see Annette cooking a new recipe each month.

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