Furbabies – our dose of Serotonin

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By Precila Selui

Do you have a fur-ever friend? Just the one or five? That you call your babies?

My daily routine begins with a pup smile.

My daily routine begins with a pup smile.

It is okay I get it, having a dog, cat, or another fur pet spending time together with them and cancelling your plans last minute is the definition of owning a furbaby. The bond we have as pet parents makes us happy.

Did you know according to Pet Spending Statistics that one of the top five reasons why people get a furbaby is overall best described in the four-letter word song, by Nat King Cole – L-O-V-E!  Though do not tell them that you are cheating with a furbaby, nemesis, or internet sensation online. Guilty? I know I am. It is as if my dog knows when I am watching another dog online, they look over as soon as you start to laugh, you hold in that giggle to not let them know you are obsessing over another.

When your furbaby addiction was born

The traits of our four-legged creatures such as a dog, can be like our own personalities. Furbabies it is a rising trend in brand personality, which is all available to us on the devices in our hands we confine to daily thanks to social media. It is changing the way we see pets in real life and a form of marketing that has grown over time in the pet industry. Though your found love of furbabies may have begun prior, for me it was back when I first saw Walt Disney film Dalmatian 101 (1996), depicting that a dog can look like a pet owner is undoubtedly uncanny and made me want a fur ever friend.

Pet parents like you and I, worldwide have become attached to the idea of filming and posting our pets online. Of course, the excitement filming our furbabies when learning a trick and capturing the cuteness it feeds our serotonin. We can see many different types of furbabies on X account WeRateDogs with a large following of 9.2 million followers. Artistically

trending, users are showing their furbabies new tricks like learning yoga or the opposite of a dog’s behaviour, misbehaving, with a touch of comedy, and then BAM! The world has a new form of entertainment.

Furbabies and Brand Personality: Dogs in their Influencer Era

You are maybe familiar with the world of social media, but if not, let me introduce you to the side of Furbabies via socials. They are on every platform from Instagram to TikTok and beloved fur parents such as yourselves can create an account. By posting images, videos it has cause for an attraction and boosted the algorithm, you heard me right, that fancy word algorithm that basically means data insights and niche target, towards features we are interested in. We see many dog brand personalities become successful influencers by utilising engagement strategy an opportunity for dog owners to showcase their furbabies presence online.

With obsessed furbaby parent’s worldwide, a dog’s brand personality increases due to support and interests by a community in similar interests. It builds a certain fan base like beloved fur baby celebrity Good Boy Ollie. He is a current dog personality online who has grown a community of an incredible 6.7 million followers on TikTok alone. The inspired aspects of building an online presence have involved the use of the dog having a media voiceover, creating real life presence as if the dog could speak to us, its viewers and picking activities from a jar. It adds a hit of serotonin for audiences to relate to their own dogs. As if were waiting with every anticipation for the next reel, post, and or story, like our favourite tv show. There are multitude personalities like ‘Good Boy Ollie’ that have created a positive impact on humans around the world and as a brand, audiences are invested in the storytelling and curiosity grows. If you wish to begin a new obsession and scroll through aimlessly till 2am on their content here are other famous dog personalities:

  • @good.boy.tato
  • @nala_the_needy_rottie
  • @My_aussie_gal
  • @hammyandolivia
Daily routine filled with furbabies.

Well, there is no coincidence we are seeing viral sensations on our reel pages, and I know you are on your phone first thing in a morning hence, your explore page is filled with happy animals who have gained your interest. The way brand personality has changed the way marketing engages with us on these platforms makes dog brand personalities thrive. The amount of love you click on a video or a post, filters through the interaction you create because you are part of the process. You have unconsciously been on the hamster wheel of creating revenue for a business due to your personal interests. I am sure even when you are feeling blue these amazing dog personalities boost your day. It really does become a part of your daily antidote and now I am sure you are looking at your own pet and being thankful that they are part of your life. So, on that note, rest your eyes, take a break, and enjoy time with your fur-ever friend.  After all they are just babies.

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