Glorious Day for Sunnykids 4xFUN

Reflected Image PRoductions and our clients Sunreef Mooloolaba were proud to once again be a part of the Sunnykids 4xFun event on Saturday.

The second annual event, 4xFUN sees teams driving throughout the Sunshine Coast visiting numerous checkpoints along the way. Each checkpoint is sponsored by one of the Sunshine Coast’s top businesses did their utmost to entertain and challenge teams, awarding points which will add up to an overall score.

The event saw all participants and sponsors finishing up at Aussie World for the Finish Line Festival, with a host of entertainment, prize giving for those who scored the most points, including a $15,000 world cruise for the overall winner.

Sunreef Mooloolaba were very proud to host a checkpoint again this year, challenging teams to jump into their dive tank and retrieve objects from the bottom of the tank.

Check out the video for all the action.

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