Literary Association gives writers chance to share their work

WARM Coast logoThe Sunshine Coast Literary Association (SCLA) will be hosting its Front Write Up performance night at Glenview Gardens on Tuesday 5 October.

Front Write Up is a casual get-together of like minded writers and others interested in literature held on the first Tuesday of every month. It is an open-mic performance night where people can bring their short stories, poems and extracts of their other work to read to the group, and seek feedback if they wish.

The next Front Write Up night will be held on Tuesday, 5th October at Glenview Gardens, 17 Glenview Road, Glenview. Members and guests are invited to come to network and listen, and are more than welcome to perform. If you have a poem, story or play you would like to perform, just turn up with your contribution, however a 500-word limit applies to short stories and prose. Front Write Up is free for members and $2 for guests.

“Front Write Up is a highly entertaining night where anyone can share their creativity and passion and perform their talent,” SCLA president Bryan Ward said.

“Some people who are a bit shy even get a friend to perform their work for them, which is always an option for those who want to share their work but are terrified of performing.”

Please RSVP to the event via email, or phone Bryan on 0439 902 401.

Visit the SCLA website for information on how to become a member Members have their own log-on section of the website which enables them to showcase work and connect with other members in the online community.

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