Local businesses form partnership to create brighter future for the Sunshine Coast

Mark-Leckenby-and-Klaus-LangerTwo successful Sunshine Coast clean-tech businesses are reshaping the solar industry forming a strategic alliance that will provide quality assurance to customers and boost the region’s economy.

Auzion, leaders in solar system supply, and Latronics, industry local manufacturers of quality inverters, are today announcing a key strategic alliance that will see the company’s work together to provide people on the Sunshine Coast, throughout Queensland and Australia with greater access to the highest quality solar systems, as well as create employment.

Auzion’s Managing Director, Mark Leckenby said Auzion was proud to be joining together with Latronics, which has 25 years in the industry in the multimillion-dollar alliance.

“At Auzion, we provide the highest quality components for our systems and also dedicate ourselves to research and development to ensure we are providing customers with world leading technology, and this alliance takes that commitment to the next level,” Mr Leckenby said.

“With the power of Latronics and Auzion working together, we will be doubling the number of solar systems we are installing on homes each month – this is good our two Sunshine Coast-based businesses, good for the economy and good for the environment.”

Auzion_Latronics-sealBoth Auzion and Latronics are planning to increase their workforces, including 25 additional staff at the Auzion team in the next three months alone.

Auzion’s and Latronics’ shared business philosophy, dedication to research and development and commitment to the local region made them the perfect fit to enter into this new venture together.

Latronics CEO Klaus Langer said both Auzion and Latronics were focused on being a part of the growth of Sunshine Coast region.

“We are both community-minded, dedicated to managing our headquarters here on the Sunshine Coast and to employing locally,” Mr Langer said.

“We are also focused on business growth, but not at the expense of people and profit.”

Mr Langer said in the two and a half years, Auzion had been operating they had built a strong reputation in the sector, which prompted Latronics to seek an alliance with them.

“We have been working together for some time and with Auzion’s dedication to ongoing research and development of innovative products like the AuziMax energy maximiser, they were the perfect company with which to seek a more formal cooperation.”

“Innovation and research are important in our industry and this new alliance means both companies can work more closely in the booming solar sector” Mr Langer said.

The Auzion solar grid connect systems can be tailored to the needs of each customer and includes quality state-of-the-art technology with a 10-year warranty on the Australian-made Latronics inverter, and the highest efficiency solar cells from reputable international suppliers with a 25-year performance warranty, fitted using Auzion’s exclusive AuziRack, mounting system, developed on the Sunshine Coast. The AuziRack system, which comes with a 10-year warranty, is rated for all Australian cyclone zones, and approved by engineers.

In 2009, the Australian Government set an ambitious renewable energy target of 20 per cent by 2020, which means that one-fifth of Australia’s electricity must be supplied by renewable sources such as solar power. Teamed with the implementation of numerous government-based incentive schemes and the anticipated soaring energy prices over the next decade, Auzion and Latronics are gearing up for increasing demand.

“We live in one of the sunniest places in one of the sunniest countries in the world, with an average of seven hours of sun a day, an ideal climate for solar panels,” Mr Leckenby said.

“People can make real contributions to the environment and also save money by installing the efficient solar grid connect systems.

“In fact, Auzion and Latronics are so confident that customers will be enjoying significant savings when they install their systems, we will pay your power bill for the next 12 months*.”

To find out more details about how you can take advantage Auzion’s offer to pay your energy bill, please refer to the website for details, www.auzion.com or call 1300 AUZION.

*conditions apply. See www.auzion.com for details.

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