Mum’s the word, this Mother’s Day

STG logo (purple&pink)Life can be very stressful, particularly when you have a household to run and a family to look after; Annette Sym the low-fat cookbook queen is urging people to look after their Mums this Mother’s Day by assisting in maintaining a healthy diet.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show our mums the appreciation and care we have for them, and what better way to demonstrate this than through a healthy and nutritious meal made especially for mum on her special day.

“Food has an adverse effect not only on our bodies but our state of mind; this is why it is important to be moderate in everything that we do and eat foods that lift us up, rather than those that make us tired and sluggish,” Annette said.

Annette Sym, author of the Symply Too Good To Be True cookbook range, said that energy levels and moods are reflective of what is put into our body and busy mothers are particularly guilty of not taking proper care of themselves.

Foods that contain high amounts of sugar and saturated fats; such as fatty foods, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods initially provide a sense of contentment but result in a drop in mood and energy an hour after consuming them; which leads to anxiety, stress, irritation and tiredness.

“Some foods that are able to reduce stress levels and maintain energy levels include, fish, whole grain rice and pasta, cereals rich in fibre, oranges, green tea, almonds, and fruit and vegetables.”

“These foods can be added to many dishes or be the main ingredient to a meal,” Annette said.

Annette said that a nutritious meal made for mum will not only be a benefit to her health but will also demonstrate the thought, time and care that you have put into it for her.

“My recipes for BIG BREAKFAST, HAM & CHEESE OMELETTE, or BLUEBERRY FLAPJACKS all from Book 3; LIGHT CREPES from Book 1; or BLUEBERRY AND BANANA MUFFINS, EASY FRUIT MUFFINS, or BEST EVER MUFFINS from Book 2 are all great tasting but much lower in fat than their traditional counterparts.”

All Annette’s cookbooks SYMPLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, her CD-ROM MENU PLANNER and GET MOTIVATED & LOSE WEIGHT DOUBLE AUDIO CD are sold in all good newsagencies or visit Annette’s website

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