New Honour Roll and History Book commemorate BWMCA’s 75th anniversary

THE Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA) will today release a book commemorating the history of the Association, its affiliates and the Buderim area, as well as unveil an Honour Roll recognising BWMCA Honorary Life Members and past Presidents.

BWMCA President Errol Richardson said while 75th-anniversary celebrations had initially been planned for 2020, they have had to be postponed twice due to Covid-19 and would now be celebrated in 2022, the Association was keen to acknowledge the milestone with the unveiling of the Honour Board and release of the book “Celebrating the Buderim War Memorial Community Association 75th Anniversary.

Mr Richardson said the book has been edited by BWMCA member Lee Rasmussen. Lee is also the daughter of Graeme Ensoll, a stalwart of the BWMCA, Honorary Life Member, and Graeme was also jointly responsible for the restoration of the Old Post Office in 1999.

“We were very lucky that Lee took on the rather onerous task of updating the history of the BWMCA and bringing it all together in this new book,” Mr Richardson said.

“We are also grateful to Push Productions, who then completed the graphic design and managed the printing.”

Mrs Rasmussen said the book included information about the BWMCA, which was formed in 1945 to create a living memorial to the wartime sacrifice of the servicemen and women of the two World Wars, to embrace the freedoms for which men and women in the armed services have fought and died to defend on our behalf.

“The Book includes information about the Association today as well as its history and its heritage properties – the Old Post Office, Pioneer Cottage and the Buderim War Memorial Hall,” Mrs Rasmussen said.

It also includes information about some of the more than 70 community groups affiliated with the BWMCA.

“The process of collecting information from long-serving BWMCA members, the Affiliate organisations and the Buderim Historical Society was a very interesting experience, particularly as I have lived in Buderim for such a short time,” Mrs Rasmussen said.

BWMCA Life Member Simon Whittle and Editor Lee Rassmussen launch new 75th Anniversary history book

The Book was officially launched by BWMCA Honorary Life Member Simon Whittle, who has served a total of 10 years as President and made an exceptional contribution.

“Simon is a bit of a legend in BWMCA circles and was instrumental in establishing the Buderim Foundation. His enthusiasm and affinity for the Association has never wavered,” Mr Richardson said.

Mr Richardson said the new Roll was in recognition of those who had provided long service through the Association to the community, which has grown significantly from the approximate 600 residents in 1945.

“During my short time as President, I have been somewhat overwhelmed by the strong, continuing support, the upholding of the ideal of “service to commemorate sacrifice” and love of the BWMCA by those in the community who are past committee members, office bearers and presidents of the BWMCA.

“The desire to do good things for the community and to serve their community that drove them in the years past, is still there, which is reflected in the significant goodwill held by the community for the Association and the high regard and respect given to the Association and Presidents present or past.

“To be a part of this living memorial during its 76-year history is very humbling to experience.”

The Roll recognises those members who have actively served for the general good of the Association for at least 10 years, or those who have made an exceptional contribution to the Association. The Honour Roll also recognises those who have served as Association President.

Mr Richardson said it was great to have Honorary Life Member and Hall manager for 46 years, John McMahon to unveil the Board.

BWMCA Life Member John McMahon unveiled the new Honour Board

Those acknowledged include:


  • W C Chadwick 1945-1948
  • H O Foot 1948-1950
  • W G Taylor 1950-1952
  • M J Mcluskie 1952
  • E Stollznow 1953-1956
  • T W M Woolley 1956
  • J T Bowman 1957-1959
  • T J Simper 1959-1969
  • M J Mcluskie 1969-1972
  • E Nettelton 1972
  • J A Madsen 1973-1977
  • WW Wearne 1977-1981
  • W J Seacombe 1981-1991
  • S K Whittle 1991-1999
  • K Chadwick 2000-2002
  • R Armstrong 2002-2004
  • S K Whittle 2005-2006
  • K O’Flaherty 2007
  • J McMahon 2007-2008
  • L Moss 2009-2010
  • M Scott 2011-2012
  • J McMahon 2013
  • S K Whittle 2014-2015
  • D Edwards 2016
  • N Eiby 2017 – 2018
  • C Marks 2018
  • P Eiby 2019
  • K O’Flaherty 2019 – 2021
  • E Richardson 2021

Honourary Life Members

  • Liz Abel
  • Jennifer Cant
  • Fred Ecuyer
  • David Edwards
  • Robyn Edwards
  • Graeme Ensoll
  • Frank Fielding
  • Hubert Foote
  • Coral Goodsir
  • Betty Goss
  • Henry Iscak
  • David Madden
  • Jack Madsen
  • Grace McLuskie-Higgs
  • Mervyn McLuskie
  • John McMahon
  • Anne Morehouse
  • Ann Morris
  • Lynn Moss
  • Dianne Priestly
  • Jim Seacomb
  • Tim Simper
  • Fay Stapleton
  • Sybil Vise
  • Sandra Whittle
  • Simon Whittle

The Roll is also on display at the Buderim War Memorial Hall and copies of the 75th Anniversary Book are available while stocks last from the Old Post Office.

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