New workshop to make gluten and grain free living easy

Whether out of necessity or choice, changing a lifetime of eating habits is never simple, but thanks to a new workshop hosted by gluten and grain free guru, Tania Hubbard, it is about to get easier.

Cookbook author and authority on gluten and grain free living, Tania Hubbard said the workshop aimed to give people the practical skills to make a smooth transition to gluten and grain free eating.

“Cutting gluten and grains from your diet can be overwhelming and most people find it a challenge to know what they can and can’t eat,” Tania said.

“Particularly, because gluten is often used as a filler and is hidden within many staple grocery items, like pasta sauces,” Tania said.

The workshops, ‘Living Gluten and Grain Free – How to Get Started,” will be held on two days, Wednesday, 14th November from 11am to 1pm in Room 1 and Saturday, 17th November from 10am to 12pm in Room 2, Nambour Community Centre, 2 Shearer Street, Nambour.

The two-hour workshop will cover topics including stocking a practical and cost effective pantry and fridge, understanding food labels, how to order when eating out, as well as how to make the 3B’s  – beautiful breakfast, basic bread and brilliant snacks.

“My workshop is about getting back to basics of what great food is, and learning how to easily integrate gluten and grain free foods into your lifestyle,” Tania said.

The workshop is $40 per person and includes a workbook and morning tea on arrival. Participants will also have the opportunity to purchase a ‘Book and Bake Bundle’ including Tania’s cookbook, bread mix, cake mix and biscuit mix for a discounted price of $55.

Tania, who was diagnosed with an intolerance to a protein found in grains several years ago, said her condition turned out to be a blessing in disguise, helping her realise her talent and passion for food, which saw her develop her own gluten and grain free recipes and write and publish her own cookbook.

“My food isn’t just for Coeliacs and those with grain intolerance, it’s for everyone and anyone that wants to enjoy nutritious and wholesome cooking that tastes great,” Tania said.

Tania’s cookbook, gluten free grain free – food we love, is packed with over 150 pages of mouth-watering recipes, information about stocking a gluten and grain free pantry, label reading and much more.

To register for the workshop, email for a registration form and payment details. There are limited spaces available, so be quick.

For a complete list of stockists of gluten free grain free – food we love and the bake@home range, or to purchase online, visit

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