Building reputation through media strategy

The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, established in 2002 as a company of the University of the Sunshine Coast, has since built a reputation as one of the world’s leading innovation and technology hotspots and has supported the start-up and growth of over 50 knowledge economy, technology-based and entrepreneurial businesses in the Sunshine Coast region.

Client Goal: To establish a strong media profile and continuing to advance the Innovation Centre’s reputation by increasing the quantity of media appearances among local and national media to attract more tenants and clients.

Our Approach:

  1. Put in place a strategic and on-going media strategy
  2. Cost effectively build awareness and favourable reputation using our established media contacts and Australia’s leading media databases to gain media coverage in outlets read by the target business communities.
  3. Promote the ICSC and its client companies’ success stories through media relations and through direct e-newsletters, events and other communications with clients and the centre’s extensive business network.

The Results:
Over the course of 2009-2010, 164 media appearances were received by the Innovation Centre and its client companies, an increase of 38% compared to the previous year, with a growing coverage in both national and international publications as well as online.

What the client said:
“Michelle has provided PR services to the Innovation Centre, with excellent strategic work and great results including national coverage such as the Financial Review.  The firm has also produced two excellent videos for us.”  Colin Graham, CEO, Innovation Centre.

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