Sunshine Coast locals encouraged to Make the Most of the Moment

Sunshine Coast locals are being encouraged to take time to “Make the Most of the Moment” and remember why they love the region, as part of a new tourism campaign.

The campaign, by Sunshine Coast Destination Limited and Tourism Events Queensland, promotes the Sunshine Coast as the first destination in the world to encourage people to be “smarter with their smart phones” so they don’t miss experiencing what’s around them.

But this campaign isn’t just about encouraging tourists to visit the region, its also about reminding those who are lucky enough to live here, why they love it and to make the most of every opportunity to experience it.

And there will be rewards, with everyone who enters the Make the Most of the Moment challenge eligible to win great Sunshine Coast experiences, with total prizes worth more than $10,000.

Already high-profile locals are getting involved, becoming Smartphone Smarts ambassadors, making the most of the moment on the Sunshine Coast, and encouraging others to do the same.

Coast Ironman Matt Poole and artist Raelean Hall are launching the campaign and asking people to think about whether their bad smartphone habits are interfering with their leisure time with family or friends. And more and more well-known Sunshine Coasters will be joining them every day.

As part of the campaign a list of seven Smarter Smartphone behaviours have been developed:

1. Avoid being a search-it-all

Make the most of the moment and seek out your own special corner of the coast.

2. Elbows and phones off the table

Make the most of the moment with great food and company.

3. Kiss your phone goodnight

Make the most of your night with a restful night’s sleep or some romance.

4. Look before you snap

Make the most of the moment and take in this truly breathtaking place.

5. Take a phone-free day

Make the most of the moment and experience nature without distractions.

6. Talk now, text later

Make the most of the moment and enjoy this precious time together.

7. Taste before you upload

Make the most of the moment and savour every mouthful.


Matt Poole said he was stoked to be involved with the campaign and could definitely identify with it.

“The behaviours are reminders for people, like me who might be a little too attached to their smartphones.

“My mates are always telling me to stop texting and using my phone when we are out together so that’s something I am going to work on.”

For Raelean Hall, painting on location is about capturing the moment, of being aware of and responding to our surroundings.

“I love to see people taking in and experiencing what’s around them and that is something I’ve recently incorporated into my art, getting people involved in what I am creating, encouraging them to pick up a brush or a palette knife,   adding their touch to the work.”

Because the campaign is all about finding the right balance between smartphones making people’s lives easier and not interfering during precious time with family and friends, there is a fun online quiz people can take to examine their own smartphone use and then share their results on social media.

“But we want people to go further,” Raelean said. “We want them to go out and rediscover their favourite moment on the Sunshine Coast and then post a photo to the competition on the Sunshine Coast QLD Facebook page.”

Matt said the judges would be looking for photos that show people have already enjoyed their moment.

“Like almost half of all Australians, we don’t want to see photos of meals before they eat them – we would much rather see friends sitting around a table with the remnants of a great meal everyone has already enjoyed so be creative!”

Once people have entered the competition, they will join Matt and Raelean as Smartphone Smarts Ambassadors and also go into the draw to win some of the $10,000 worth of great Sunshine Coast Moments prizes which include a Spicers Tamarind Retreat, accommodation at Mantra Mooloolaba, passes to the Sunshine Coast’s great attractions including the Ginger Factory, Underwater World, Aussie World and the Big Kart Track, day passes on the Noosa Ferry and more.

There will be spot prizes awarded for great entries, with everyone also eligible to win the major prizes.

To get involved jump online to to take the quiz and then visit to take the Make the Most of the Moment Challenge for your chance to win. You can also find out more at

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