Sunshine Mitre 10 offers support to Gympie community groups as they clean up flood damage

Sunshine Mitre 10, like many other local businesses, is doing what it can to assist Gympie to recover from the devastating flood damage experienced over the past week, donating $20,000 worth of materials to assist.

Sunshine Mitre 10 Gympie’s Dean Chandler (left) and Steve Miatt (right) and Gympie Junior Rugby League President Andrew Noy inspecting the damage after their clubhouse. Already volunteers have gutted the interior ready to rebuild.

Sunshine Mitre 10 General Manager Neil Hutchins said $2,000 accounts have been established for 10 local community organisations which were heavily affected by flooding, so they could get the supplies they needed most.

“This flood event has affected so many in the community that as locals we wanted to do something to help,” Mr Hutchins said.

He said while the more than 35 local staff employed at the Sunshine Mitre 10 Gympie store had only experienced minimal damage at their own homes, on behalf of all of them, the group wanted to do what it could for the community.

“We just hope the donations will help the local groups to recover and to help meet some of their immediate needs.” Mr Hutchins said.

“Sunshine Mitre 10 employs over 400 staff across 18 locations throughout the state and we are one big family and supporting the local communities where we are, has always been part of that.”

Sunshine Mitre 10’s Melina Nichols who is a born and bred Gympie local said the whole team wanted to show their support and help in a small way with the cleanup.

“We chose community organisations that so many of our local community, including our staff and their families, use and also those which may not be as likely to be eligible for support elsewhere.”

The community groups to receive the $2,000 accounts were One Mile Recreation (Cricket), Gympie Soccer Club, Gympie Cats AFL Club, Gympie Pony Club, Gympie Horse & Rodeo Association, Gympie Junior Rugby League, Victory Care Services, Albert Park Bowls Club, Gympie Touch Association and Gympie Netball Association.

Gympie Junior Rugby League Secretary Katrina Birchall said the flood had been completely devastating for the Club.

“Our clubhouse has been completely flooded and the grounds have been damaged as well.

“We were supposed to host trial games on the 12th March but we won’t be able to get the grounds ready in time for that so they have been postponed. We are now working towards having the grounds ready to play on for the start of the season on Saturday 26th March.”

Mrs Birchall said while you would think the grounds will dry out, it just wasn’t enough time to get them in a hygienic and safe state for the kids to play on.

She said volunteers and Council staff were already working to clear the grounds, while volunteers also worked to clear the mud from the clubhouse.

“The clubhouse will need a great deal of work and while we are insured that will take time so the supplies, we will be able to get from Sunshine Mitre 10 will help us get set up so we can host kids at the ground sooner while the clubhouse is rebuilt.

“It (the donation) means so much. There are over 380 kids registered to play so far this season and already we are getting calls and messages asking when we can host practices and games again.

“So many of our families have lost their homes, so we are working as hard as we can to get things up and running again as soon as possible.

“It will take a long time for homes to be rebuilt and the effects will go on, so if we can offer the opportunity for kids to come and play with their mates and get away from the devastation that is so important.”

The larger Sunshine Mitre 10 group was not wholly immune to the flooding, with its Brisbane City store being inundated with water. The cleanup started there on Tuesday with members of the management team joining staff to clear the mud and work towards reopening as soon as possible.

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Sunshine Mitre 10’s Steve Miatt (left) and Dean Chandler (right) at Albert Park Bowls Club with Club chairperson Errol Frank and another member.

The devastating damage from flooding at Albert Park Bowls Club.

Sunshine Mitre 10’s Steve Miatt (left) and Dean Chandler (right) helping Gympie Cats AFL members collect cleaning gear for recovery.



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