Sym to share secrets to overcoming obesity

STG logo (purple&pink)Australians are continuing to get fatter with the percentage of overweight and obese people increasing from 38% in 1990 to 53% in 2005.
That’s a huge increase and with 68% of men and 55% of women now overweight or obese Annette Sym is more passionate than ever to help people lose weight and improve their health.
With more than half Australia’s population now overweight or obese, low-fat cookbook icon Annette Sym is continuing to help people fight the battle of the bulge with an exclusive one-day Weight Loss and Wellbeing Workshop in August.
Having just returned from the ‘fattest’ nation on earth – the US – the best selling author of the Symply Too Good To Be True series of low-fat cookbooks, Annette is even more dedicated to ensuring that Australia, the second ‘fattest’ nation does not win that particular race.
Annette, who has already helped thousands of Australians to lead healthier lives, will spend a day with workshop participants sharing her weight loss secrets.
“While launching my first US book this year I have done a lot of travelling so I am really excited to be home for a few months and to be presenting this workshop,” Annette said.
The Symply Too Good To Be True Weight Loss and Wellbeing Workshop is an opportunity to discover how to turn frumpy into fabulous, just as Annette did more than 17 years ago, losing 35 kilos.
“Losing my weight really turned my life around because then people encouraged me to write my cookbooks and now I really love the fact that I am helping thousands of people become healthier here and now in the US as well,” Annette said.
Having maintained her healthy weight range for over 17 years, Annette has also built a multi-million business.
“I turned my greatest weakness – food – into my greatest strength and I want to help other people do the same.
“It is a wonderful feeling to have a positive impact on people’s lives and I feel blessed to be able to share what I have learnt with others, that are struggling with their own weight,” Annette said.
Annette said that it only takes one-day to make the decision to change your old habits and to gain invaluable tools to make new habits for life.
What to expect at the Weight Loss and Wellbeing Workshop:
•    Be taught by Annette Sym on how to prepare an easy 3-course meal that contains less than 11g of fat and learn her invaluable cooking tips.
•    Find out the 4 things you need to know about fighting weight.
•    Gain helpful tips on how to fight your habits and regain control over your life.
•    Become an expert on how much fat & calories to have each day.
•    Learn the secret to making exercise fit into your busy life.
•    Motivational tips on staying on track during your weight loss journey.
The workshop will be at Alexandra Park Conference Centre on the Sunshine Coast on August 2nd and costs just $95 (incl. GST) and includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & workbook.
“I am really excited to be running another workshop on the Sunshine Coast and to be able to share the knowledge that I have gained during my journey over the last few years; particularly my experiences overseas,” Annette said.
The Symply Too Good To Be True workshop will provide the motivation and drive to regain your life, and provide the tools to reach your goals.
For more information about any of Annette’s books or to make workshop bookings, call 07 5445 1250 or visit

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