Testimonial from Annette Sym, Symply Too Good Pty Ltd

Michelle Smytheman has been my PR person exclusively for 3 years. During this time she has been able to get some amazing media attention for me. Her journalistic background makes her ability to communicate to the media second to none and has been able to attract loads of free publicity either via press releases or her own contacts.

Michelle is dedicated to giving her clients 110% and will do what ever is needed to get the results you want.  I can whole heartily recommend her to anyone who needs a dynamic PR person.

Ryan Early has been my camera man for many years now and has helped me produce video clips, show reels and has filmed many of my launches such as my 5th cookbook and Weight Loss Workshop. Ryan has also produced videos for my website and was even trusted with filming our daughters wedding. He is an amazing editor and is passionate about achieving outstanding results and I can highly recommend him to anyone wishing to use his services.

Annette Sym
Symply Too Good Pty Ltd

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