The Buderim Foundation Thompson Charitable Fund provides a $65,800 grant to support vulnerable Sunshine Coast families

The Buderim Foundation Thompson Charitable Fund is proud to provide a $65,800 grant to SunnyKids to help provide support for vulnerable Sunshine Coast families.

Buderim Foundation’s Charlie Morris, SunnyKids CEO Kathleen Hope and Buderim Foundation Chair Rod McKinnon -photo-by-Ross-Eason

Buderim Foundation chair Rod McKinnon said SunnyKids provides vital support for Sunshine Coast families in need of a helping hand on the Sunshine Coast.

“The Buderim Foundation’s Thompson Charitable Fund is proud to support SunnyKids and the work they do in providing emergency food, accommodation and other support,” Rod McKinnon said.

SunnyKids CEO Kathleen Hope said SunnyKids provides connections and support for vulnerable Sunshine Coast families focusing on providing complex case management, including long-term capacity-building and emotional support.

“We seek to assist families and individuals in some of the worst situations imaginable. Families arrive at SunnyKids hoping to access clothing, medicine, food or things like car registration which in turn allows them to focus less on transportation and more time on other vital family needs like getting the kids to school, doctors’ appointments, and getting to and from work,” Ms Hope said.

“This grant from the Buderim Foundation’s Thompson Charitable Fund is fantastic and will allow us to provide more immediate relief to alleviate economic and housing stresses experienced by our clients.

“Last year, SunnyKids experienced more requests for support than ever before. We were able to help almost 2500 vulnerable individuals within families.

“Unfortunately, our waiting list continues to grow. These funds allow us to provide support to even more families in our pursuit to end hardship right here on the Sunshine Coast,” Ms Hope said.

The Buderim Foundation has been the Trustee for the Thompson Charitable Fund since April 2021. Over the past two years, a rolling grants program has provided over $460,000 to support people experiencing homelessness and financial distress on the Sunshine Coast.


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