Traffika develops winning recipe for doing business

Traffika LogoA unique business philosophy and approach to digital marketing, has seen leading Internet marketing firm, Traffika attract great staff and achieve big results for its clients.

Now in its second year, Traffika continues to attract and maintain ‘major players’ from across Australia and worldwide with their growing reputation for excellence and the fresh way they approach business driven by their somewhat unconventional core values.

Traffika’s Managing Director, Matt Forman said Traffika’s business practice was guided by their eight core values which demonstrated their commitment to education, improvement and growth, shared knowledge, pushing the boundaries, challenging the ‘status quo’, giving and providing a superior client experience.

Traffika’s Social Media Specialist, Chris Pahor said the core values influence all parts of my role at Traffika, acting as a helpful motivator and helping bring tasks back on track from time to time.

“Traffika is the most dynamic company I have ever worked for, and this is driven by the people in each team being given the freedom to pursue ideas and take projects in their own direction,” Chris said.

“When I was looking for a company to work with, Traffika was very attractive because of its dynamic approach and core values.

“The whole team is wildly passionate about what they do which makes for an innovative and creative culture and a fantastic working environment,” Chris said.

“Everyone at Traffika applies an ‘always learning’ attitude to their jobs and are encouraged to embrace new things, an essential quality in an industry that is constantly changing,” Chris said.

“I love this about my job because it is a changing industry and the team is always learning from each other and also take part in industry education opportunities.”

Emily Vernon joined Traffika two years ago as their Business Growth Strategist after years of experience working in Online Marketing at companies Hitwise and

“Traffika is unlike any company I have worked for before, because we, the staff, actually wrote the core values and agreed on them together,” Emily said.

“They ensure we are all working under the same vision and provide the foundation for our unique culture, what we strive for with our clients and how we interact with each other,” Emily said.

“Our team are really smart, intuitive online specialists with a real depth of experience and we all believe that you can never claim to be an expert because our industry, platforms, tools and technology changes so quickly,” Emily said.

Bond University, Lorna Jane, Sunsuper and are just some of the companies reaping the benefits of Traffika’s ‘results driven’ approach.

Testament to their winning ‘business formula’, Traffika received the main prize for overall business excellence at the 2011 Sunshine Coast regional Westpac Business Excellence Awards, which recognises excellence and contribution in customer service, community involvement and employment.

Driven by one of Traffika’s core values, to ‘give and empower to receive and achieve’, the company has nominated to give 1% of it sales (not just profits) to charities and worthy causes around the world through the Buy 1 Give 1 program and aims to improve the lives of five million people by 2014. Since starting the program only five months ago, Traffika has already reached 5 per cent of their target, improving the lives of 232,095 people.

“Our core values shape who we are as an organisation and team by setting clear benchmarks for what is acceptable behaviour within the company and to our clients, suppliers, partners and the broader community, ” Matt said.

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