Unique approach to digital marketing attracting clients and getting big results

Traffika LogoSuccess in digital marketing is all about becoming invested in a client’s success according to the digital marketing experts at Traffika.

In fact, Traffika, now in its second year, is punching above its weight attracting some large international clients because their approach is so unique.

Traffika Managing Director Matt Forman said traditionally some advertising and marketing agencies were motivated by client spend and not necessarily by the success created by the campaign.

“A lot of agencies gain most of their income from commissions which encourages them to focus on selling space rather than ensuring they achieved results a client expected,” Mr Forman said.

At Traffika, we have adopted a “results driven” approach to digital marketing, which focuses on giving independent advice and achieving the results clients expect rather than increasing client spend and commissions.

This approach is already proving successful with Traffika making waves in the industry and attracting some big clients.

Bond University, Lorna Jane and national label and licensed merchandise retailer, Identity Direct, are just some of the latest companies to sign up with Traffika.

Bond University has appointed Traffika to handle all their digital marketing both domestically and Internationally for a three-year period.

Bond University has appointed Traffika to handle all their digital marketing both domestically and internationally for a three-year period.

General Manager – Marketing & Communications, Courtney Ehlers, said, “Bond University had a smaller digital presence before but we have now made it a core focus of our marketing strategy and wanted to appoint an industry specialist to manage our online presence.

“Our target markets are very active online so we have to have a strong presence in this space and already we are seeing some great results. As an example, we have seen increases in our click-through rates and online applications,  and our attendance figures for Open Day this year were up 10% on last year. ”

Matt said Traffika had put in place a strategic campaign that focused on stimulating admissions, raising awareness throughout Australia and internationally about the university.

“We have developed a 360 degree digital campaign which includes social media, localised searching and website optimisation tactics for Bond University. This strategy focuses on a consistent message that integrates well with their offline marketing activities which allows the return on investment to be measured at every stage of the campaign,” Matt said.

Matt said similar tactics could be used to form a strategy for clients, regardless of their size.

“The online environment is mashing up – with people going online not just through computers at work and home but also through a rapidly increasing variety of devices including phones and tablets like iPads, even via their televisions.”

Matt said people now spent more time online than ever before, but that marketing spending online was still lagging behind.

According to Neilsen* people now spend an average of 17.6 hours a week online, however, 30.3% of company marketing budgets are spent on newspaper advertising, 24% on free television, and only 11.9% online.

“This means there are more opportunities to make an impact with a strategic digital marketing approach.

Sydney-based Identity Direct services Australia and New Zealand, USA, Canada and the UK and have signed with Traffika for the next twelve months, moving their paid search business  because they found their spend was increasing without any improvement in the return they were getting.

“We have established a strategy digital marketing plan for Identity Direct that will achieve a 20% increase in sales.”

Traffika’s rapid growth in the industry could be due to the great results they get for their clients and for their strategic approach, which carefully measures the effectiveness of every tactic they use.

“Its about establishing the kind of business practice that ensures clients know we are committed to building their success, which in turn benefits us as well, rather than just ensuring we achieve high ad spend commissions.”

For more information about digital marketing and leading industry insight visit our blog or follow Matt on Twitter at @mattforman.

*Research from Nielsen Online Internet and Technology Report March 2010

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