Creative concept and direction used to make an impact

The USC Starfish program was established to support University of the Sunshine Coast students who might otherwise be unable to complete their degree due to financial pressures.

The program was inspired by the Star Thrower story which tells the story of a child who sees thousands of stranded starfish on a beach and observes that even helping one is a worthy endeavour.

The University hired Reflected Image PRoductions to produce an emotive video package to promote this program. Using staff and students to tell the Star Thrower story directly to camera reinforced the concept. We scripted the piece and directed the students to present to camera and give strong and natural performances working with the University to schedule the shoots and produce the piece.

The video has been used at University events and also in email marketing campaigns to generate donations for student bursaries.

Here’s what the client said:

“Ryan and Michelle took on board the brief and came up with a creative solution that created the impact and emotion we were after without the cost of expensive location shoots. The video has been a useful tool to communicate our case for support.”

Anita Edmonds, Alumni Relations Officer, University of the Sunshine Coast

Starfish shoot


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