What to look for in a PR consultant

Standing outLike any industry, there is a broad range of public relations assistance out there but if you don’t know what to look for, you might not get what you need.

The usual rule of research applies here.  Ask prospective consultants about their experience and training, professional memberships such as being a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia, and the types of companies and clients they represent.
Look for someone with experience that is relevant to you.  For example, (yes it’s a small plug) our consultancy has a wide range of clients but we deal particularly with service-based business, tourism, technology and innovation.

We also specialise in strategic communications, media training, using new media to communicate, politics and public affairs and have a video production unit as part of our company.

However, like many public relations professionals we are part of a network of other professionals, and if we can’t assist, we we can refer clients to ensure they get the best experience and results.

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