Testimonial from Nicki Parkinson

Using the RIP mail system has been the best marketing move I have made in my business to date.  From the very first newsletter, traffic to my website increased 10-fold.  I receive positive feedback after each send. Best of all, the system is easy to use.

Nicki Parkinson


Innovation Centre helps businesses face challenging times


With businesses throughout Australia facing challenging economic times, the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast is throwing open its doors to support even more businesses throughout south-east Queensland.

The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, a University of the Sunshine Coast company which houses entrepreneurial businesses and operates business incubator and accelerator programs, is expanding its 2009 business development program, offering a mix of free and cost-effective events to help businesses grow.

Symply Too Good Online Recipe Video

Developed for Annette Sym, author of the best selling Symply Too Good To Be True Cookbooks, we produced a series of short recipe videos for her to place on her website www.symplytoogood.com.au.  The recipe videos offer an easy way for Annette to demonstrate the ease of her recipes and help spread her low-fat healthy style of cooking.[vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/3880430[/vimeo]

Reflected Image Productions Showreel


This video is the same as the showreel on the home page incase you want to watch it on a larger screen.

Reflected Image Productions is a public relations and video production company based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Owners Ryan Early and Michelle Smytheman have over 25 years combined experience in media production journalism and public relations.

We pride ourselves on combining our creativity with a practical knowledge of what works best to convey your message efficiently and economically. We have worked with many clients from multimedia agencies to corporations and government departments.

Embracing womanhood is symply too good

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Australia’s best selling low fat cookbook author, Annette Sym knows how hard it can be to find balance in life and encourages all women to embrace their many roles for International Women’s Day, on March 8.
As a mother, grandmother, leading Australian entrepreneur and author, Annette celebrates this year’s theme “Sharing and Caring for the Future” by focusing on women’s many roles and their ability to show care  across all areas with her TOP 7 TIPS FOR BUSY WOMEN.

Grab grant now, reap investment rewards later – DEPPRO

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Ambitious young people who want to build an investment property portfolio should move now and use the first home owner grant as a kickstart, leading property investment expert Paul Bennion said today.
Mr Bennion, the managing director of property depreciation firm DEPPRO Asia Pacific, said there was still some confusion in the community about who qualified for the grant – and what they could buy.
But with time running out to claim the increased $14,000 grant, he said it was important to understand the rules if you wanted to enter the property market.

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